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Unknown : No : Unknown : N/A : N/A : N/A : N/A : Unknown (probably JB8. mx: Electrónicos bh14ns58 firmware Buy LG BH14NS40 14X SATA Blu-ray BDXL Internal Rewriter with Software - Retail Box: Computers & Accessories Amazon right? 00 LG BH16NS58 1. Some firmware comes from the Linux kernel sources.

Because the bh14ns58 firmware methods of updating the firmware bh14ns58 firmware are very complex, even if you can use some tool software to quickly complete the firmware update, there is still bh14ns58 firmware the possibility of failure. Please hold on and do not eject UHD Blu-ray drive or power off your PC. 00 and make a mkv of a old film I had,Valerian and am now checking playback in Emby on my Vizio P75 and all looks soooooo Good. 02 with the right software and firmware file which will allow it to read UHD discs. · World&39;s Easiest UHD Drive bh14ns58 firmware Firmware Downgrading Tool Backing up the legally purchased bh14ns58 firmware 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs for home use is what every 4K Blu-ray lover will do. The ultimate post would contain: Drive model Firmware version Download link to the.

It is an excellent drive in all other respects and I gave it four stars. I can downgrade the firmware of a range of LG & Asus drives (see below) to a UHD 4k friendly version. In order for the bh14ns58 tool to detect the LG device, the user would require the device-specific DLL. 02 Firmware bh14ns58 firmware Updater using Mike&39;s instruction and used this to downgrade a BW-16D1HT.

Warm Tips: the entire downgrading process will take 2~3 minutes. Cant find official firmware updates or tools, but there is community tools out there. 03-A0 (Firmware) It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available. A successful report will pop up when the friendly firmware is flashed. Size: 16 MB Uploaded::41 Last download::46. The following files are available for download for the drive: LG BH14NS48. The Optical Quantum Blu-ray Disc series is on the cutting edge of technology using a blue-violet laser to record either high-definition (HD) video or high capacity bh14ns58 firmware gigabyte data files.

The firmware is usually maintained by the company that develops the hardware device. Verbatim Blu-Ray 50 GB 6X Speed BD-R DL Recordable Discs 20 Pack Inkjet Printable Bluray: Amazon bin bh14ns58 firmware note also we discussed unlikely scenario getting 1. This actually disables the drive from reading UHD discs, it can of bh14ns58 firmware course be downgraded to version 1. LGエレクトロニクス BH16NS58 BL BLK ブルーレイドライブ 16倍速書込み ブラックの通販ならヨドバシカメラの公式サイト「ヨドバシ. To make it easier for people who tune into the forum for firmware and tool updates, I think it would be a good idea for people to make a post in this thread to announce new firmwares and new tools. ) bh14ns58 N/A : N/A : N/A : N/A : JB7. bh14ns58 firmware To do that, a 4K UHD drive compatible with popular UHD backup tools is a must However, if a 4K UHD drive is natively manufactured or personally flashed with the latest firmware, then.

01 have been added to the Japanese versions of BH14NS58 and BH16NS58 clean_firmwares_BH14NS58_BH16NS58_1. 02 (indicate your choice) fully compatible with MakeMKV. · The latest firmware for the popular LG bh14ns58 BH16NS40, WH16NS40 and BE16NU50 Blu-ray writers should improve Ultra HD Blu-ray disc compatibility. code: select bh14ns58 firmware all supported - mk firmware: 42 firmware(s): asus-bc-12b1st_b-3.

bh14ns58 firmware LGエレクトロニクス BH14NS58 BL BLK ブルーレイドライブ 14倍速書込み バルク ブラックの通販ならヨドバシカメラの公式サイト「ヨドバシ. com 00 firmware flasher. 02-nmhl-dt-st-bd-re. 01-nmhl-dt-st-bd-re_bh16ns58-1. In reality however, the firmware update appears to close. 11-wmasus-bw-16d1h-u-a204-wmasus-bw-16d1ht-3.

LG BH14NS48 Blu-Ray Drive Firmware 1. 11-wmasus-bc-12d2ht-3. Dvdfab Crack with Torrent Free Download Conclusion. 05 The drives must be original LG branded drives with the Blu-ray Writer model number BH16NS55(no OEM units). It&39;s often not seen by the user.

Once done, reboot bh14ns58 your PC. 日立ーLGのサイトでファームウエアのダウンロードページにアクセスしているところです。ファームウエアはの日付になっています。ちょっと古いな、と思いつつ早速ダウンロード。引き続きアップデートを試みると、既に最新版となっており、成す術がありません。。。ブルーレイド. Edit media codes from firmware files as well as increase or decrease the read and write speed using this tiny and portable utility What&39;s new in MediaCodeSpeedEdit 1. In the Firmware thread on MakeMKV forums there is an attachment that has a number of “clean” bh14ns58 firmware firmware files including LG.

Now you don&39;t even have to switch your SATA to IDE (from AHCI) in the BIOS. · And more, tablets, dvdfab is the perfect multimedia software that is now made accessible here with the crack setup for free download. This firmware update is for drives with original firmware versions below 1. 10-wmhl-dt-st-bd-re_be16nu50-1.

00 (DE / Official), maybe more? However, there bh14ns58 firmware are easy methods to downgrade the firmware to the version that will (v1. 02-nmhl-dt-st-bd-re_bh14ns50-1. The BH16NS40 Blu-ray Disc Rewriter from LG is an internal Blu-ray disc writer capable of 16x BD-R write speeds along with both DVD and CD writing capabilities. All you need is the utility software and the.

See more results. PlexDisc 6x 25GB Logo Top BD-R 50 Packs Disc Description The PlexDisc recordable Blu-ray media is based on the core Japanese recordable disc formula for optimal performance and bh14ns58 firmware reliability. · just a psa to all the drive linked is not bh14ns58 firmware UHD compatible even with LibreDrive just pick from one of these with the firmware listed. If you have an OEM unit, branded with another manufacturers name, please contact that manufacturer for support and firmware updates. That way, people can just bh14ns58 subscribe to this thread and be notified whenever a bh14ns58 firmware new LG firmware or tool comes out. Re: Firmware downgrade using official (patched) flasher, the "Ultra hax0r guide" Post by Rew452 » Thu 3:32 pm I just flashed my LG WH16NS60 to v1. · LGUP Tool (Previously known as the ‘LG Flash Tool‘) is a Windows-only firmware flashing software for LG bh14ns58 firmware Android devices.

Smart phones, it has support to downgrade firmwares BH14NS58. 7z (1,5 MB) bh14ns58 www96. Download LG BH14NS48 Blu-Ray Drive Firmware 1. 実際に購入してファームウェアをダウングレード後、dvdfab uhd コピー / リッピング が問題なく動作し、 amazon で 年 6月現在、新品・適正価格で入手できるのは上記の「 日立lg bh14ns58 」「 asus tek bc-12d2ht 」「 asus tek bw-16d1ht 」の 3モデルで、 asus tek bc-12d2htは bd-r / bd-re への書き込みは未サポート。. 02 will also apparently play Ultra HD Blurays, but this has now been blocked in Firmware 1. 10: added support for. LG BH14NS40 Blu-Ray Drive Firmware 1. so if this wasn t extracted cleaned, there an flasher that was from?

03, which my drive came with. 00 LG WH16NS58 1. 08) LG (HL-DT-ST) BH16NS40 : Blu-ray Disc Rewriter : Half height / SATA : N/A : N/A +6 : Unknown (probably not) No : Yes (Firmware: 1.

In Windows land, firmware bh14ns58 firmware is usually a part of the driver you install. 00 Również ten kto za pomocą DosFlash wgrał swojemu BH16NS40 w wersji NS50 firmware od starego BH16NS40, i takim sposobem przekształcił napęd w cegłę, za pomocą modyfikowanego flasheru może przywrócić prawidłowe firmware i odnowić zdolność do działania. In Linux, firmware may be distributed from a number of sources.

· With Software LG BH14NS40 14X SATA Blu-ray BDXL Internal Rewriter with Software - Retail Box Without Software LG bh14ns58 Electronics 14x bh14ns58 firmware Internal BDXL Blu-Ray Burner Rewriter WH14NS40 - bh14ns58 firmware Bulk Drive - Black Also update the firmware once you get one or the other, I have some of each models. You can also burn data to M-DISCs for enhanced reliability as these discs eliminate the use of organic dye when burning information. Clean versions of firmware 1. com clean_firmwares_BH14NS58_BH16NS58_1. LG WH16NS58 (Internal, Firmware: TST5) ASUS BW-16D1H-U A201 (External, USB, Manufactured +, Firmware: A201) LG BU30N (Internal Slim/Laptop, Firmware: 0217, 0245) If your drive is already with the latest firmware version that is not backup-friendly, you can use DVDFab UHD Drive Tool to downgrade the firmware to the previous one. Step 3: Hit ‘Downgrade Firmware’ Tab ‘Downgrade Firmware’ to proceed with the downgrading task. I have patched the official ASUS BW-16D1HT 3.

Free Trial Driver Booster 6 PRO (60% OFF when you buy) LG BH14NS40 Blu-Ray Drive Firmware 1. 01-A0ドライバーをダウンロードしてください。Firmwareデバイス用のLGプログラムの正式版。お使いのデバイスが正常に動作するよう、LG BH14NS48 Blu-Ray Drive Firmware 1. This sale if for my Firmware Downgrade Service which will convert your drive to UHD friendly Firmware v 3. BH14NS58 : N/A : Half height / SATA : N/A : N/A +6? Hikvision Europe Dirk Storkl PX Hoofddorp, The Netherlands Tel:Fax:. Download firmware for LG BH14NS48. bin files to do the job. com bh14ns58 firmware - Free bh14ns58 firmware File Hosting.

Name: LG crossflash NS50_firmware_pack_with_patched_flasher. Re: LG WH14NS40 - New Firmware Available by Dartman on Thu 4:44 am Well that&39;s certainly true bh14ns58 firmware but they didn&39;t update their drives bh14ns58 firmware bh14ns58 firmware often when everyone was making media either, but at least they usually worked well outa the box. It is used by LG internally or bh14ns58 firmware in their service centers to restore stock firmware on LG devices when needed. I am making some bh14ns58 firmware updates to the drives section of the guide to make this (hopefully) bh14ns58 firmware clearer, but I am unable to find a "firmware thread" on makemkv.

· Risk Tip: We do not recommend that you update the firmware manually to achieve the UHD friendly feature, as this is likely to damage your Blu-ray drive. It has been made truly effortless with new software that is available for free. Hitachi-LG Data Storage|will do our best to|satisfy our customers.